on all stages of post-acute care

Greater visibility into patient progress and accountability with providers ensures the patient is receiving the best care possible. Our program and integrated software tracks patient progress across multiple locations and partners, giving you the ability to see how your patients are tracking in their healing plans.


and make decisions quickly

The Bridge software and clinical system can track patients in assisted living and outpatient therapy environments. Physicians and facilities share care plans and appropriate care utilization and work together to strategically deliver the best care possible for the patient.

Insurance agent using calculator for medical insurance, the policy and explain insurance policy to customer. life insurance concept.


because care is better and more efficient

Reduced length-of-stay, quicker recoveries, higher levels of physician interaction and care plans that are more appropriate and safer for the patient are all outcomes of the Lepont Healthcare system. Our body of data and patient case examples provides evidence that our process improves clinical outcomes. We provide payers access in real-time to see how your patients are doing, as well as access to the overall data and results.

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